Bruce & Bruce has been a trusted partner bringing value added consulting services to our clients since 1929.
What we do best

We are a full service actuarial consulting firm specializing in fraternal benefit societies and small insurance companies. Our team of actuaries and consultants pride themselves on being an integrated partner to help you effectively manage and achieve the objectives and goals of your business. Our consulting services include, but are not limited to the following: Actuarial, Marketing, Life Insurance and Annuity Product Development, Reserve Calculations, Compliance, Financial Reporting, Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Advisory, and Retirement Plan Solutions.

Our Services

Life & Annuity Compliance Services

  • Illustration Actuary Services
  • Prepare/Develop application, policy, & rider forms
  • Draft & Submit filings for individual states & IIPRC
  • Implementation of new regulatory guidelines

Life Insurance Actuarial Services

  • Appointed Actuary services
  • Valuation services
  • Cashflow Testing & Asset Adequacy Analysis
  • C3-Phase I Testing & RBC Analysis
  • Experience Studies
  • ERM program review & enhancement
  • Business projection development
  • Support executive management initiatives
  • Market comparison & benchmarking
  • Asset Liability Segmentation

Market Research and Financial Analysis

  • Marketing Program research & design
  • Membership Growth initiatives
  • Product Development & Pricing
  • Develop peer benchmarking & market analysis

Enterprise Risk Management & Strategic Advisory

  • Review the company’s strategic plan
  • Assist with establishing/improving ERM framework
  • Develop/implement capital optimization strategies
  • Review the landscape for potential M&A
  • Create innovative solutions to foster growth
  • Guide company through ERM process
  • Prepare/review presentations to various stakeholders
  • Evaluate investment processes, performance

Retirement Plan Actuarial Services

  • IRS & DOL Requirements
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Form 5500 preparation & filing
  • PBGC Premium preparation & filing
  • Retirement/Termination Benefit Distribution Package
  • IRS Form 1099-R
  • Annual Benefit Statements
  • Annual Filing Notice
  • Plan document preparation & adoption
  • Strategic Planning
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