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Kelly Bretz, FSA, MAAA, CFA leads the expansion of Bruce & Bruce Services to include Enterprise Risk Management

Bruce & Bruce is expanding its consultancy to include Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions. Bruce & Bruce has partnered with Kelly Bretz, FSA, MAAA, CFA (of Kelly Bretz, LLC) to lead this new line of business which greatly enhances Bruce & Bruce’s value proposition and is consistent with its mission of helping small-to-medium sized insurers and fraternal benefit societies.

Hot Topics in Investment Reporting

Andrew Edelsberg presented the following topics: proposed reporting requirements for investments, net negative IMR guidelines, proposed framework for regulations of insurer investments, and proposed SVO changes on October 18, 2023 for the LIC Investment & Capital Management Committee meeting hosted by Catholic Order of Foresters.

Enhancing Investment Spread through a FHLB Program

Many insurance companies have been using Federal Home Loan Bank (“FHLB”) programs where a qualified financial institution can borrow funds at attractive rates. This paper illustrates how a company can take advantage of an FHLB program to improve its investment returns.

Optimizing Balance Sheet Risk

Bruce & Bruce presented in a LIC webinar how to Optimize Balance Sheet Risk through the lens of its different service offerings. Read the presentation below.

Andrew Edelsberg leads the expansion of Bruce & Bruce services

Bruce & Bruce is expanding its consultancy to include strategic development, rating agency and financial strategies. The new line of business will be headed by Andrew Edelsberg, who joined Bruce & Bruce on September first.

Vladimir Krepkiy - The Actuary Magazine

Vladimir Krepkiy, FSA, FCA, FCIA, MAAA, considers himself a serial immigrant due to life circumstances. Born in a small town in the former Soviet Union’s northeast, where winter lasts eight months a year, Vlad and his family moved to Ukraine when the Soviet Union collapsed.


April 2024 Issue

Asset portfolios play a central role in the success of fraternal societies and life insurers. A well performing asset portfolio is necessary for offering competitive products, enjoying solid financials and surplus growth, and maintaining risk profiles that ensure future policyholders will be taken care of.

January 2024 Issue

As actuaries, we take great satisfaction in repurposing models originally designed to assess specific risks and adapting them to address other strategic questions centered around a company's growth and prosperity.

October 2023 Issue

Many annuity writers are facing or getting very concerned about rising surrender levels since the steep increase in interest rates that started in 2022.

July 2023 Issue

The Federal Reserve rate increases that started in 2022 continued into 2023, with the federal funds rate increasing by 25 bps during the months of February, March, and May 2023.

April 2023 Issue

The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank clarify the need for policymakers to carefully consider the impact of their decisions on the financial system and the broader economy.

January 2023 Issue

Looking back at 2022, who would have thought we would sustain double-digit losses in both the bond and equity markets?

October 2022 Issue

Bruce & Bruce has expanded its consultancy to include strategic development, rating agency, risk management, and financial strategies.

July 2022 Issue

The American Academy of Actuaries is working on an actuarial guideline to address high yield assets used in the analysis of asset adequacy. Although the guideline is still being drafted, a tentative effective date of December 31, 2022 has been communicated.

April 2022 Issue

After more than a decade of extremely low interest rates with the only movement feeling like stagnation or decreases, 2022 has seen dramatic increases in interest rates.

January 2022 Issue

Cybersecurity is prevalent in every organization and should be held in the highest regard. Not only does it refer to the technologies throughout the organization, but the people, policies and processes which attempt to protect the critical systems and personal identifiable information from cyber-attacks.

October 2021 Issue

Did you know that the NAIC has revised risk-based capital (RBC) asset factors for 12/31/2021 reporting? This charge is important because it feeds required capital amounts as well as ratios used to assess an insurer’s financial strength.
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